Apogee trailers was founded by two individuals sharing a common vision: to develop and bring to market products that would stand out. Rene Bernard, the inventor of the trailer and Christophe Goffoz, entrepreneur and company leader with a successful track record, joined forces with one goal in mind: redefining the standard of excellence in the utility trailer market. With the support of financial and industry players, Apogee is now proud to offer the Adapt-XMC trailers. Sturdy, practical, stylish, these trailers meet in every way customer expectations. The company aims to become a recognized leader in trailer industry and is pursuing an ambitious growth plan for the coming years.

From the President
“Apogee is a company based on innovation and excellence: innovation in how to meet customer expectations, excellence in the implementation of projects. We are pleased to offer our customers a unique and stylish trailer, adapted to their needs because of it is sturdy, durable and practical.
Apogee is also an outward-looking company, listening carefully to its partners and product users. This approach is reflected at all levels of the company by a common desire to do more and serve better.
Finally, Apogee displays the social and environmental awareness put forward by our founders: our trailers are made of aluminum, a material which is 100% recyclable. We buy it locally, which means it is produced almost entirely using a renewable energy: hydroelectricity. While developing with an international vision, the company retains its local roots, its humanistic values and its willingness to contribute to regional growth. It is our vision and our commitment towards responsible development. On this set, which is the essence of our corporate culture, we built our motto:
“Aim for the top!”

Christophe Goffoz
President, APOGÉE trailers